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My Thoughts on San Bernardino

It’s time for another CSS rant…

So it appears that ISIS has brought the fight to my backyard. Perfect. At least now I know they’re here and can plan accordingly.

But here’s my thoughts on the investigation of the San Bernardino incident.

First of all, did anyone catch the press trampling into the couple’s condo? WTH?!?! Now I’ve never been a law enforcement officer, or detective of any kind, but what kind of investigation allows the owner of a property where ISIS inspired terrorism is suspected to open his property up to the press after 72 hours since the largest “mass shooting incident since Sandy Crook….. I mean Hook”? I mean the FBI, local law enforcement never opened up the apartment of the Aurora theater shooter to the press, they distributed police photos to them. And that wasn’t an international terrorist attack, that was if anything, a domestic terror attack…

So as I was watching I noticed a few interesting things that I was wondering if anyone else caught….

  1. Did anyone see any finger print dust in the house? Nope.
  2. Did anyone see any evidence bags or anything closely related to any evidence collecting procedures? Nope.
  3. Did anyone see any evidence of the reported detonation by the EOD robot of the suspect device(s) that LEO reported was in the home? Nope.


It was almost like they broke down the door, sent in their robot, looked around and left. Neighbors and reporters on the scene even stated that they never saw anyone (FBI, ATF or local law enforcement) bringing any evidence out of the home….. Now it could very well be that this couple did all their planning in the garage, because investigators were active there, that’s documented, but surely you would think that if this couple is part of a larger operation or “cell” then the FBI/ATF would want to preserve the scene for longer than 72 hours. What happens if/when something else happens in the United States by ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS and they think their may be ties to San Bernardino, can they go back and retest the scene for fingerprints or DNA in the carpet? Nope. Hell, the CNN reporter was fingering the terrorists prayer beads that were laying on the bed for crying out loud!!! It’s all been contaminated, the home where these two ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS resided is a big ‘ol pot of contaminated crap!!!

Oh and did anyone catch this guy who is the “family attorney” for the Farook family? No, not the dark skinned guy, but the white guy. This guy is an asshat! In one breath he is blasting press for grouping all Muslims as terrorists and automatically labelling this as a terrorist event (which it is) because this couple just happens to be Muslim…. but then in the next breath, he talks about how they were in this meeting with the FBI and that the agent who they were meeting with as he puts it, “could have come straight out of a Saudi Arabian mosque with the beard he had”. Way to go you hypocritical, two-faced jackass!!! Then they go on and on and on and on and on and on about how there’s no evidence to suggest that this couple had any connection with ISIS?!? What??? The woman allegedly posted her allegiance to the leader of ISIS mid-attack (which we will discuss in a second). These family attorneys are trying to spin this as a “workplace violence” incident rather than what it is…..

It’s time to call a spade a spade. ISLAMIC EXTREMIST TERRORISM, say it with me folks…



*I S L A M I C  

E X T R E M I S T  

T E R R O R I S M*






And wanna bet that somewhere down the road, the government will be shelling out several millions of dollars to settle some sort of lawsuit by the family?

Now, on to this supposed Facebook post…

I mentioned before that I have never been a law enforcement officer or a detective before, but I have seen combat. But can someone please explain to me how a civilian, with ZERO combat experience, ZERO training (other than target practice in the backyard….. of a condo in a densely populated area of San Bernardino…) in a two person team and in arguably the highest stress situation she’s EVER been in, stop, whip out her phone, and pledge allegiance to the leader of ISIS under a fake name, then go right back to the stress of a terror attack? I know that when I’ve been in a combat environment with a group of 13+ other people in my squad, the last thing I was thinking about was calling home, writing a letter or anything else other than making sure I got my ass home in one piece! Granted, we didn’t have Facebook or even social media, but seriously folks…….

Finally, every terror attack that we have seen since 2001 that was because of ISLAMIC EXTREMISM, always had a target. The plan may have changed, but the target remained the same. So then let me ask you this….. why would this couple, who had clearly had a plan, change that plan and decide to attack a holiday/business meeting where the guy worked because someone made fun of his beard?

The interesting thing for me is to see what was caught on those GoPro cameras each were wearing. That should reveal a lot of important information on why they did this…. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is something other than what it appears….. and it may have something to do with an Administration Agenda…


Thank GOD I have a license…..



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