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Terms of Service

This Agreement is made between Custom Survival Solutions, hereinafter referred to as “CSS” or “we” or “our”, and the purchasing customer, hereinafter “customer”(s) or “you” or “your”.

Our policy is to do our best to do the right thing. We expect the same of our customers.

Upon receipt of payment, we will ship the products purchased. In return, you are agreeing to pay for those same products along with any shipping or similar additional fees disclosed in the checkout process and prior to processing payment. You are further agreeing to ensure that CSS does in fact receive the monies intended be it via credit card, check, money order, or other agreed to payment method, and to pay a service fee of up to $35.00 in such events as a check with insufficient funds or a credit card payment is unreasonably reversed. In the event of item pricing errors, CSS reserves the right to cancel an order, or portion thereof, at any time prior to delivery in which case CSS will refund all monies collected from the customer for the items in question including allocated shipping charges.


In the event that the product does not meet with your expectation, it may be returned to either CSS or the manufacturer, within 15 days and in as-new and resalable condition and at the customer’s expense. The customer agrees to contact CSS FIRST to coordinate the return of any product prior to return shipment. Upon receipt of the returned product, CSS will refund the price of the returned items less any shipping costs paid by CSS that were in excess of the shipping costs originally charged to the customer. The restocking fee shall be entirely at the discretion of CSS. Product that is received by the customer materially damaged will be either replaced or refunded by and at the discretion of CSS. The customer agrees to cooperate in the return of the damaged item to CSS or the manufacturer using the shipping instructions provided by CSS. CSS reserves the right to wait until the returned item is received and evaluated before proceeding with either replacement or a refund.


Warranty issues are handled by the manufacturer of the item in question. The customer is asked to refer to the documentation provided by the manufacturer with the item in question. However, the customer is invited to contact CSS to discuss any issue with our products. CSS may elect to provide assistance in the resolution of a warranty issue in the interest of serving you, our customer.

Mono Vaults

Due to the wide variety of applications, the warranty is limited to workmanship and materials. We do not warrant the suitability of the Mono Vault products for any specific application. If the product fails within one year and it is evident, in the judgment of the manufacturer, that the item was not constructed consistent with the quality of the Mono Vault product line, then the manufacturer will, at its sole discretion, either repair, replace, or refund the purchase price of, the item in question. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges to and from the manufacturer. Due to the nature of the molding process, some amount of distortion is normal.


CSS products are intended for responsible use. The Customer is charged with the responsibility for ultimately determining the suitability of any product for their particular use. CSS and its manufacturers and/or distributors assume no responsibility for any liability resulting from irresponsible product use. Some products may include a “Baby in Bucket” warning label. Obviously, babies and buckets do not mix. ANY large opening container with even a small amount of water is a drowning hazard for babies, toddlers, and children. CSS and its manufacturers and distributors does not want any child to ever be harmed by irresponsible use of its product. Burial applications are particularly hazardous as would be any open well or similar cavity in the ground leading potentially to injury or death. This hazard is to any person, pet or other animal that might fall or step into the open hole or container. It is the customer’s responsibility never to leave such a hazard untended during installation and to adequately secure the installation against any such residual hazard. While CSS may repeat a manufacturer’s claims about a product, whether verbatim, edited, in part, or paraphrased, CSS is unable to confirm the accuracy of such information.

CSS hereby states, and the customer acknowledges, that firearms can be dangerous, and that no safe, storage, or security device is absolutely safe or immune to circumvention, and that no safe, storage or security device replaces the user’s obligation to diligently execute his or her firearm possession and/or ownership responsibilities.