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In a major disaster, it might be a minimum of three days before basic services are restored.

Our goal is to provide quality products and training to help individuals and families create survival kits, plans and training based on YOUR specific needs. We recommend ONLY products that we ourselves use and TRUST! We are experts in military and civilian survival.

How Will You and Your Family Survive?

Let us walk you through the challenges, decisions, and priorities involved in preparing yourself and/or your loved ones to survive almost any disaster. We have selected ONLY the absolute best survival products on the market. In a true disaster, all the money in the world WON’T get you even the simplest of things. It’s important to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst NOW, while there’s still time.

Be Prepared. Respond. Don’t Just Survive, but Thrive!

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Thoughts on the Recent Election


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My Thoughts on San Bernardino

It’s time for another CSS rant…   So it appears that ISIS has brought the fight to my backyard. Perfect. At least now I know they’re here and can plan accordingly.   But here’s my thoughts on the investigation of the San Bernardino incident.   First of all, did anyone catch the press trampling into […]